How Do You Grow Cucumbers?

Grow cucumbers by planting them in a good location, mixing soil with compost before planting, giving the plants plenty of space to grow, watering them well, composting or fertilizing the plants, mulching the plants, setting up a trellis for growth and spraying the vines with sugar water to attract pollinators. You need compost, fertilizer, water, mulch, a trellis, sugar and a spray bottle.

  1. Plant the cucumbers in a good location

    Choose a location for your cucumbers where they receive plenty of sunlight. The soil needs to be well drained and loamy, with a 7.0 pH. Add peat to the soil if it is too dense.

  2. Mix the soil with compost

    Before planting, mix a 2-inch layer of compost into the first 6 inches of soil.

  3. Plant the cucumbers

    Plant cucumbers at least two weeks after the last spring frost. Plant seeds 10 inches apart or plants 12 inches apart.

  4. Water the plants well

    Water the cucumber plants well. When cucumbers start to form on the plants, the plants need at least 1 gallon of water per week. The first 1 inch of soil should remain moist at all times.

  5. Compost or fertilize the plants

    Compost or fertilize the plants. Use a high-potassium fertilizer immediately after planting. From that point on, use liquid plant food, but avoid over-fertilizing, as it slows the growth of the fruits.

  6. Mulch the plants

    Mulch the plants to help keep valuable moisture in the soil.

  7. Set up a trellis

    Set up a trellis so that the vines have a place to climb.

  8. Spray the vines with sugar water

    Mix sugar and water together in a spray bottle, and spray the vines. This attracts pollinators and increases the fruit production.