How Do You Grow Crepe Myrtle?


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To grow crepe myrtle, plant the seeds indoors, keep the soil damp, give the plant plenty of sunlight, bring it outdoors, and then transplant it permanently outdoors. The process takes several months.

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  1. Prepare indoor pots

    Fill individual quart-sized pots with equal amounts of seed-starting medium and potting soil. Spray the soil with water until it is damp. Do not over-hydrate the soil.

  2. Plant the seeds

    Wait until spring, and then plant two seeds one-quarter of an inch deep. Gently cover the seeds with 1 inch of sphagnum peat moss, and mist it lightly with the spray bottle.

  3. Care for the indoor plant

    To preserve moisture, place a clear plastic bag upside-down around the pot. Place the pot in a window sill that receives plenty of warmth and sunlight. Mist the soil when it is dry to the touch. Allow the seeds to germinate for the next two to three weeks.

  4. Remove the bag

    When the plant is roughly 3 inches tall, remove the bag. Keep the soil damp for the next four to six weeks, or until the plant is a foot tall.

  5. Bring the plant outside

    Bring the plant to an outdoor area with partial sunlight. Continue to keep the soil damp until the end of summer or beginning of fall.

  6. Plant the crepe myrtle outdoors

    Crepe myrtle tress grow in partial sunlight in well-drained, acidic soil. Keep the plant well-watered, especially during the summer.

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