How Do You Grow a Creole Tomato Plant?


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Creole tomatoes produce a meaty fruit that resists cracking. Researchers at Louisiana State University developed these plants specifically for the hot, humid summers of their state. Expect the first tomatoes two months after transplanting.

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  1. Prepare the planting site

    Test the soil and amend to a pH of 5.6 to 6.8 using sulfur or lime as appropriate. Mix organic compost into the soil in a one to four ratio. Set plants so that the top of the soil of the unpotted plant is in a hole about 2 inches below the surface of the planting bed, leaving a bowl-shaped impression to contain water.

  2. Provide support

    Use stakes of tomato cages to support the plant and prevent tomato rot caused by fruit touching the ground. If using stakes, tie them to the plant with old nylon hose to provide support without damaging the branches or fruit.

  3. Provide food and water

    Apply water at the base of the plant, flooding the basin every seven to 10 days. Fertilize once using 10-10-10 fertilizer before flowers set. Once fruit sets, fertilize with a low nitrogen fertilizer to encourage formation of more tomatoes.

  4. Prevent problems

    Prevent tobacco mosaic on tomatoes by keeping tobacco products away from tomatoes and washing your hands before handling plants if you smoke. Hand pick any hornworms or fruitworms from the plants and kill them by stepping on them. Use a garden hose to spray away aphids from plants.

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