How Do You Grow Cotton?


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To grow cotton, prepare an area with well-drained soil, and monitor the ground until it is warm enough for planting. Plant the cotton seeds, and maintain the plants.

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  1. Prepare a growing area

    Plant cotton in rich, deep soil with plenty of drainage. Red soils are ideal. Avoid areas with sandy soil or erosion. Use a garden hoe to dig furrows in the soil, and make sure there is at least 30 inches of space between each row.

  2. Wait for ideal temperatures

    Test the soil 3 inches deep at 10 a.m. each day. Once the soil reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit for three consecutive days, plant the cotton seeds. Keep the soil thoroughly moistened while waiting for the temperature to rise.

  3. Plant the cotton seeds

    Place groups of three seeds in the furrows. Provide 1 foot of space between each group, and plant the seeds 3/4 inch deep. If using light soil or planting in arid conditions, plant the seeds 1 inch deep. Cover the furrows with soil.

  4. Maintain the plants

    Keep the plants well-watered throughout the summer. When the plants begin producing branches, water them more often. Wait four months for the cotton bolls to open, and then harvest the cotton.

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