How Do You Grow Compass Roses?


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Compass roses require full sun, meaning exposure to more than six hours of direct sun a day. Plant them in an area where they receive adequate moisture and nutrients in soil that drains efficiently.

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Adequate space, at least 3 to 6 feet around, is also necessary for good air circulation. Planting compass roses too close or tightly together fosters foliar disease. Soak the roots in water for several hours to ensure that they receive adequate hydration before planting.

Select an area with well-drained soil. Add organic matter, or plant the roses on a raised bed if the soil is heavy with clay. Dig a planting hole that is large enough to completely spread the roots. Fill the hole with water before setting the plant’s knob where the canes grow, just above soil level. Check for broken canes or roots, and remove them. Fill the hole with soil, and water well. Mound the soil over the knob to protect it from the sun. You may remove the soil around the knob once the plant starts to produce leaves. Watering requires that the soil remain moist but not soggy, receiving about an inch of water per week. Add composted material to help improve the soil’s nutrient level and texture and facilitate draining.

The compass rose produces clusters of showy flowers set against dark leaves. The bloom time for compass roses is early to mid-fall in zones four to nine.

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