How Do You Grow Columbine Flowers?

To grow columbine flowers, find an appropriate place to grow the plants, plant the flowers and water the plants regularly. To manage pests and diseases, cut off the affected parts of the plant.

Run through the following steps to successfully grow columbine flowers.

  1. Select a garden bed
  2. Columbine flowers prefer full sun to partial shade. Although they like plenty of moisture, they require well-drained soil to thrive. As the plants are fairly large, they require at least one foot per plant of bed space.

  3. Plant the flowers
  4. To plant flowers, loosen the soil and add at least two inches of compost. Dig holes in the soil for the new plants. Space plants at least one foot apart. Some varieties require up to three feet of space.

  5. Water the plants
  6. Water the soil directly after planting. Water the plants regularly to ensure that the soil stays moist.

  7. Trim back diseased growth
  8. Columbines are prone to leaf miners and powdery mildew. If either problem affects the plants, cut back all of the affected growth as soon as the problem appears. Dispose of the affected leaves and stalks.

To discourage new plants from growing from seed around the original columbine flower, remove dead blooms as soon as they appear.