How Do You Grow Coleus?


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Coleus plants develop roots easily and can be planted as seeds in either soil beds or containers. Coleus plants can also be grown from cuttings; coleus plants can grow roots in even small amounts of water. Coleus plants are shade-tolerant and do not require much sunlight. In fact, lighter variations of coleus plants are sensitive to sunlight and should be kept in shade during the day and afternoon.

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Coleus plants grow rapidly, and you should trim and prune them regularly. Keep these plants in moist soil; they require frequent watering. Water potted coleus plants more frequently than those planted in soil beds, as the beds can retain moisture better and for longer. Do not overwater the soil around the coleus plants, however, as this can cause the leaves to droop.

Coleus plants are particularly sensitive to colder temperatures; treat them with care if you want them to survive through the winter. Do not keep coleus plants outdoors if the soil temperature dips below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. While they are annual plants, you need to uproot, pot and keep coleus plants indoors during the winter, or you must use cuttings to restore the coleus plants for the following spring and summer.

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