How Do You Grow Coffee?

How Do You Grow Coffee?

Grow coffee plants by pregerminating the seeds, planting the seedlings in nursery beds or pots, transplanting the plants once they are at least 8 inches tall, choosing a good permanent location for the plants, watering the plants properly and fertilizing them.

  1. Pregerminate the seeds

    Fill a container with sand. Spread the coffee beans on the bed of sand. Soak straw or burlap sacks with water, and cover the seeds with them.

  2. Plant the germinated seeds

    Once the seeds start to sprout, transfer them to small pots or nursery beds. Fill the pot or bed with a mixture of manure, phosphate fertilizer and soil. Plant the germinated seeds in the soil. If using a nursery bed, keep the plants 5 to 6 inches apart. Shade the seedlings from the sunlight half the time, gradually working the shade away until the plants can tolerate full sunlight.

  3. Choose a good transplantation site

    When the plants are between 8 and 16 inches tall, prepare to transplant them to permanent beds or bigger pots. Choose a site that receives part or full sun with high humidity. The soil needs to be well-drained, slightly acidic and rich. Add peat moss to improve drainage.

  4. Transplant the plants

    Transplant the plants into larger pots or a permanent bed. If using pots, repot the plants every spring in larger pots.

  5. Water the plants

    Give the coffee plants plenty of water. Remember, these plants are native to tropical areas where rainfall is plentiful.

  6. Fertilize the plants

    Fertilize the plants regularly using a weak fertilizer. Fertilize less often during the winter.