How Do You Grow Cherry Tomatoes?

How Do You Grow Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are miniature, sweet versions of standard tomatoes. Cherry tomato plants yield regular crops of fruit. The necessary supplies for growing cherry tomatoes are a seedling, a tomato cage, one 20-quart bag of potting soil, tomato food and a 5-gallon plastic bucket. Tomatoes are ready in 45 to 65 days.

  1. Drill drainage holes in the bucket

    Drill holes every few inches around the bottom of the bucket. Drill four or five more in the bottom. The holes allow the water to drain, preventing root rot.

  2. Select a growing location

    Cherry tomatoes grow best in an area with eight or more hours of direct sunlight.

  3. Assemble the cage

    The tomato cage supports the vine while it's growing. Insert the bottom of the cage into the bucket.

  4. Prepare the potting soil

    Add the potting soil to the bucket until it is three-quarters full. Water the soil until it feels moist. Add additional mix until it reaches to 1 inch below the rim of the bucket.

  5. Plant the seedling

    Dig a hole in the potting soil just deep enough to hold the seedling. Slide the plant out of its carrier and place it in the hole. Cover the base so that only the top half of the plant shows.

  6. Water the plant

    The cherry tomato plant needs watering every three days, or whenever the soil feels dry. In very hot weather, the plant may need watering daily. Add fertilizer once a week.

  7. Harvest the tomatoes

    Flowers should show up after one month. Two to four weeks later, the cherry tomatoes should be ready for harvesting.