How Do You Grow Celery?


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To grow celery, start the plants indoors in late winter, and provide the plants with nutrient-rich soil and ample water. Celery is often transplanted in early spring and requires consistent care throughout the growing season.

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  1. Start the celery plant indoors

    Start celery plants indoors at least eight weeks before the last frost of the season in nutrient-rich soil that contains compost and fertilizer. Prepare the soil outdoors by mixing in compost and fertilizer before transplanting seedlings to the garden.

  2. Harden off the seedlings

    Reduce the amount of water provided to the seedlings by a small amount each day, and place the seedlings in a protected area outdoors for at least two hours daily to harden off the plants. Continue the process by extending the amount of time the seedlings are outdoors, and then transplant the celery to the garden after the danger of frost has passed.

  3. Provide adequate care

    Provide the celery with 2 inches of water per week, and fertilize the plants with a general fertilizer six weeks after transplanting. Ten weeks after transplanting, apply a nitrogen fertilizer. Harvest the celery when the plant is at least 3 inches in diameter, or when the stalks are 8 inches tall.

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