How Do You Grow Celebrity Tomatoes?

How Do You Grow Celebrity Tomatoes?

Celebrity tomato plants produce large fruits on bushy stems. They flourish with the proper soil conditions, attentive pruning, and stakes or cages for support. You need wooden stakes or cages, lime, compost, fertilizer, some gardening tools and tomato plants to get started. This takes 2 or more hours.

  1. Create the best soil for your plant

    Till the soil in your tomato bed to a depth of 12 inches, and mix in a layer of manure or compost. Add 3/4 cup of lime for each plant, if your site requires it, to the soil to balance the nutrients and aid plant absorption. Mix well.

  2. Plant the tomatoes deeply

    Dig holes 2 feet apart, and add fertilizer according to package instructions for each plant, mixing it well with the soil at the bottom. Bury your plants up to the lowest set of leaves, and pinch off any flowers to encourage root formation and growth.

  3. Stake or cage your plants for support

    Push the cage into the soil around your plant. Position the stake as close to your plant as you can without damaging the plant, and drive the stake 8 inches into the ground. Loosely tie the stalk of the plant to the stake with a soft cloth. Saturate the soil with water to a depth of 6 inches.