How Do You Grow Catnip?

grow-catnip Credit: Travis Lawton/Moment/Getty Images

Catnip is an herb that is relatively easy to grow; it's great to use for ground cover and works for landscaping with cats in mind. You must choose a good location, fence off the plant, pinch it, and harvest it. You need a trowel and a knife.

  1. Choose a good location

    Plant catnip in full or partial sun. Use well-drained soil with an alkaline pH. This plant tolerates poor soil types. When planting, make sure to give it sufficient space to grow. It grows up to 3 feet by 3 feet.

  2. Fence off the plant

    Fence in the plant to protect it from felines, especially if you plan on harvesting the herb. If you like the look of this plant but worry about damage, consider using catmint instead. Catmint closely resembles catnip but is not as attractive to cats.

  3. Pinch the plant

    As the plant grows, pinch the stems. This helps the plant to grow strong, dense and well-shaped.

  4. Harvest the plant

    Harvest the plant once it starts to flower. It is best harvested on a dry, sunny day in the late morning. Cut the plant at its base, and hang it upside down. Place it in a dark and dry place.