How Do You Grow a Calla Lily Flower?

How Do You Grow a Calla Lily Flower?

Grow calla lilies by finding a good location, planting so the tops of the plants show, watering, fertilizing regularly and digging the plants up in the fall to store indoors. Calla lilies grow well in borders, beds and containers.

  1. Find the best location and plant

    Calla lilies prefer well-drained, loose soil and a sunny or partially shaded location. Turn the soil to around 4 inches deep, and plant with the eyes facing up and tops sticking out of the soil.

  2. Ensure adequate moisture

    Water so the soil settles around the roots. Add mulch to keep in moisture, fertilize according to directions and keep plants moist throughout the growing season.

  3. Stop watering after flowering

    Calla lilies require a dormancy period after the flowering season when the foliage fades. Stop watering to allow the plants to die back. Move container plants to a dark spot to go dormant.

  4. Remove and store the rhizomes for winter

    Dig up rhizomes after the first frost in the fall, shake off the dirt and allow them to air dry for a few days. Afterwards, place them in peat moss, and store in a dry, cool location until spring when danger of frost has passed. Do not remove the leaves. Divide to create new plants when lifting or during dormant period.