How Do You Grow Caladiums?


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Grow caladiums by selecting a shady planting location, using well-drained soil and watering them often. For any location except for the tropics, dig up the plants every fall to keep them from dying in the cold.

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Grow a caladium plant by choosing a planting location that is shady and receives only dappled sunlight. If you live in a climate that isn't tropical, use a container that can be placed in the shade during the summer and taken indoors during the winter. Use well-drained soil mixed with organic compost such as chopped leaves to improve drainage and enrich the soil. Plant the caladium bulbs or tubers with the pointed side up in 1 1/2-inch deep holes, spacing the holes at least 8 inches apart for full growth.

Water the tubers or plants regularly so that the soil remains moist. Avoid waterlogging the soil, which can cause rot. Spread a generous layer of mulch on the soil around the plant to keep it moist. Feed the plant a nitrogen rich all-purpose plant food or slow-release fertilizer.

During the fall, bring the potted caladium indoors, or dig up the tubers, and place them in a container with peat moss. Place the tubers in a location that is between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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