How Do You Grow Caladium Plants in a Container?


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Plant your caladium tuber 1 to 2 inches deep in a pot of good-quality soil. Plant the tuber with the knobby side facing up, as these knobs are the eyes of the plant, from which growth occurs. Place the pot in a warm place inside that remains at a constant temperature of between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Caladium prefer warm, moist soil, and cool conditions can lead to tuber rot. The plant also prefers moist soil, so water regularly. Do not overwater or allow excess water to gather in the pot or this can also cause tuber rot.

If you are planning to transplant the caladium outside, start your plant indoors four to six weeks prior to the last frost of spring. If moving the plant outside but keeping it in the pot, wait until the outside temperatures stay above 75 degrees Fahrenheit consistently. Alternatively, you can bring the plant back inside at night if the temperature dips below this temperature to avoid damage to the plant.

Whether planting in the ground or keeping the caladium in the pot, choose a sheltered location that receives minimal direct sunlight. If the area does receive sunlight, morning sunlight is better than the hotter, afternoon sun.

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