How Do You Grow Brussels Sprouts?


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To grow Brussels sprouts, plant the seedlings in the garden during midsummer, fertilize the soil 3 weeks after planting, pull any weeds out by hand and harvest the sprouts once they are 1-inch in diameter. If the sprouts are starting from seeds, plant them indoors 6 to 8 weeks before transplanting them outdoors.

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How Do You Grow Brussels Sprouts?
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To grow Brussels sprouts in a home vegetable garden:

  1. Start the seeds
  2. Brussels sprouts fare best during cooler months, so they should ideally be planted in midsummer so that they can be harvested in the fall. They require about 100 days to mature after planting. If the plants are starting from seeds, place them in small pots indoors 6 to 8 weeks before midsummer.

  3. Transplant the seedlings
  4. Once the seedlings are ready, transplant them to the outdoor garden. Raised beds are ideal for growing the sprouts. The seedlings should be planted about 12 to 24 inches apart to give the plant enough room to grow and low enough for the lowest branches to sit just above the soil. Pat down the surrounding soil and water them well.

  5. Care for the plants
  6. Fertilize the plants three weeks after transplanting and use mulch. Pull out weeds by hand; the roots of the sprouts are shallow and require care. Foliar feed the plants once or twice a month, and gently remove yellow leaves.

  7. Harvest
  8. Harvest the sprouts from the bottom up once they reach 1-inch in diameter. Pinch off the plant tops.

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