How Do You Grow Brandywine Tomatoes?


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To grow brandywine tomatoes, till the soil, plant the seeds, water the soil, spread mulch, support the plants with a trellis or stake, and apply starter fertilizer to support additional growth. Use a tiller and a shovel as digging tools. The fertilizer should be high in potassium and phosphorus, and the mulch can be in the form of grass clippings.

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  1. Prepare the garden

    Till the soil with a depth of 6 to 10 inches. Remove weeds and other growths from the area. Add water to the soil, and apply starter fertilizer.

  2. Plant the seedlings

    Place the seedlings deep in the ground so the plants can grow additional roots and establish a stronger base. Space the plants 15 inches from each other in rows that are 3 or 4 feet apart.

  3. Water the ground

    Add water to the soil after planting the seedlings. Water heavily each week so the roots can take in more water. Water throughout the growing season to ensure that the soil retains moisture.

  4. Mulch the ground

    Spread mulch around the garden when the soil is warmer to keep away weeds and promote water retention.

  5. Add supports to the plants

    Use a trellis or stakes to prop up the tomato plants to prevent damage to the fruit and branches. Use twine if you are propping up the plants with stakes.

  6. Apply fertilizer

    Use fertilizer every other week when the tomato plants blossom. Limit the amount of nitrogen when you are applying the fertilizer.

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