How Do You Grow a Bonsai Tree?


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Grow a bonsai tree by selecting a suitable specimen, purchasing the right kind of pot, preparing the bonsai and pot for transplantation and giving the bonsai the proper amount of water and sunlight. You need a pot, a bonsai root hook and rake, potting soil, wire and gravel.

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  1. Select a suitable specimen

    Select a suitable bonsai specimen from a nursery that conforms to the style you want it to take. For instance, there are cascade, upright and slanted bonsais.

  2. Purchase a pot

    Purchase a shallow pot with drainage holes.

  3. Prepare the bonsai

    Water the bonsai thoroughly before planting it. Use a rake to gently remove soil from the roots. Remove any dead roots, and prune the root ball back by two-thirds.

  4. Prepare the pot

    Insert small gauge wire through one of the drainage holes. Place a layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot, followed by a layer of bonsai potting soil.

  5. Plant the bonsai tree

    Place the bonsai in the pot. Spread the roots out. Wrap the wire around the trunk to support the plant as it grows. Fill the rest of the pot with the potting soil.

  6. Provide the plant with proper light and water

    Keep the tree in the shade for up to a week, then gradually introduce it slowly to more sunlight. Regularly water the tree with tepid water.

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