How Do You Grow Blackberries?

How Do You Grow Blackberries?

To grow blackberries, find a sunny location in which to plant them, use well-drained soil, space the bushes 3 to 8 feet apart, erect a trellis for support, mulch the plants, water them regularly and prune the shoots. You need sandy soil, mulch, water and a trellis.

  1. Find a sunny location for the plants

    Plant the blackberry bushes in a sunny location with plenty of space for them to grow.

  2. Prepare the soil

    Mix well-drained or sandy soil with organic content.

  3. Plant the blackberry bushes

    Plant the blackberry bushes in shallow holes. Space the bushes 3 to 8 feet apart, depending on the cultivar. Erect bushes need only 3 feet of space, while semi-erect varieties need at least to 5 feet and trailing cultivars need up to 8 feet.

  4. Erect a trellis

    Erect a trellis to properly support the blackberry bushes.

  5. Mulch the plants

    Mulch the bushes regularly in order to keep the soil moist.

  6. Water the plants

    Water the bushes regularly. They need 1 inch of water per week.

  7. Prune the shoots

    Prune the shoots regularly in order to encourage plant and berry growth.

  8. Harvest the berries

    Harvest the berries, making sure to remove the plug of the stem instead of leaving it with the plant.