How Do You Grow Big Tomatoes?

grow-big-tomatoes Credit: gubotohp/CC-BY-2.0

Growing big tomatoes involves giving the seeds plenty of space, providing plenty of air, light, and water and removing old leaves. You will need tomato seeds, water and a garden. It will take between 40 to 80 days.

  1. Plant the seedlings

    Give the seedlings plenty of space to grow. Make sure the seeds get plenty of light, ideally 14 to 18 hours per day. Use artificial plant lighting if necessary.

  2. Prepare the soil, and bury the plants

    Make sure the soil is full and has a soft texture. Place a dark plastic cover over the ground where you intend to plant the tomatoes. Set it up a few weeks before you plant the seeds. The heat helps the tomatoes grow. Bury the plants up to their top leaves.

  3. Maintain the plants

    Remove old leaves from the bottom of the plant. Don't prune too many leaves as they provide flavor to the tomatoes. Prune tomato suckers that develop between the branch joints.

  4. Water the plants consistently

    Give the plants approximately 1 inch of water per week. Pay attention to the condition of the plants in case more water is needed. Less water can be used when the fruit ripens.

  5. Prune the tomatoes

    Prune the tomatoes farthest from the stem first so the remaining tomatoes get more nutrients.