How Do You Grow Beans?


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Grow bush beans by directly sowing the seeds into a garden bed where the soil is at least 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Bush beans do not require the support trellises that are necessary for pole beans.

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  1. Plant the seeds

    Plant bush bean seeds 2 inches apart and 1 inch deep by placing the seeds into the garden bed. Starting seeds indoors is not recommended because the delicate seedlings usually don't survive the transplanting process. Although a minimum soil temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit is required, the seeds germinate more quickly once the soil temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the same garden bed for beans only once every three years to avoid plant-specific diseases and pests.

  2. Practice succession planting

    Beans grow quickly, and an entire bed of plants can produce more than you need at one time. Plant a few seeds at the beginning of the season, and then plant a few more every two weeks for a manageable crop that produces continuously.

  3. Harvest the beans

    Pick the beans when they are about as thick as a pencil or slightly smaller. The beans are ready for harvest when they snap off the plant easily. Plan to pick beans every couple of days during the peak of the season.

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