How Do You Grow a Bayberry Shrub?

How Do You Grow a Bayberry Shrub?

How Do You Grow a Bayberry Shrub?

To grow a bayberry shrub, select a location with adequate sunlight and well-drained soil. Water the shrub properly, and occasionally prune the limbs. You will need well-drained soil, water and pruning shears.

  1. Select a good location for planting

    Choose a small bayberry shrub to plant because it is more likely to adjust to transplantation. The shrub will thrive in a location that receives plenty of sun, though it will also grow in the shade. It thrives in a variety of soil types, including sand and marshy land, but it is best to use well-drained soil. A full-grown bayberry shrub reaches up to 10 feet in height, so give it plenty of room to grow.

  2. Water the shrub properly

    A young shrub needs to be watered regularly in order to grow and establish its roots in the soil. Once it is established, decrease the watering. Shrubs in dry conditions that receive little water do not grow as high as their well-watered counterparts.

  3. Prune the shrub lightly when needed

    Avoid hard pruning, which can ruin the form of the shrub. In order to rejuvenate the bush and encourage growth, prune away a third of the old growth once a year for three consecutive years.