How Do I Grow Bamboo From Cuttings?


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While there are several ways to grow bamboo from cuttings, culm or stalk cuttings propagate new plants in about six weeks. For the best results, SFGate recommends keeping your cutting in a warm, moist environment until it roots.

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How Do I Grow Bamboo From Cuttings?
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  1. Prepare the container

    Mix equal portions of potting soil, coarse sand and perlite. Add water to settle the mixture, making sure you moisten it evenly.

  2. Take the cuttings

    Cuttings should be approximately 5 inches in length from the base of the stem. Choose a stem that is approximately ¾ inch in diameter. Use sturdy shears or a saw to cut at the ground level. Trim the base of the stem to just below a leaf node. Leave about 1 inch of stem above a node.

  3. Plant the bamboo

    Bury about half the cutting in the soil. Be sure it is oriented as it was growing. Position the shoot at a 20-degree angle with the surface of the soil, exposing the leafy end while completely covering the base. Check the moisture daily and water as necessary.

  4. Transfer to a cold frame to protect from frost

    Once new growth appears, transfer the plant until the chances of frost are over. Move the new plant to its permanent location. Keep it watered for its first growing season.

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