How Do You Grow Avocados?

Grow avocados by sprouting an avocado pit, planting it in a pot, making sure it gets plenty of sunlight and watering it. It can take up to 15 years for an avocado tree to produce fruit. You need an avocado, toothpicks, a water glass, water, a pot and potting soil.

  1. Prepare the avocado pit

    Wash off an avocado pit. Place it on a towel, and let it dry over the course of two days. Insert three toothpicks 1/2 inch into the center of the pit. Balance the pit with the narrow end up on the mouth of a water glass. Fill up the glass with water so that it covers the bottom inch of the pit.

  2. Place the pit in a sunny location

    Place the water glass with the pit in it on a window sill where it gets plenty of sunlight. Wait up to 6 weeks for the pit to sprout.

  3. Plant the pit

    Once the roots and stem have grown out of the pit, remove it from the water glass. Take out the toothpicks. Fill a pot with potting soil, and plant the pit so that the top half of the pit is above the soil line.

  4. Set the pot in a good location

    Set the pot in a location with plenty of sun exposure. Keep it indoors during the winter.

  5. Water the tree

    Water the avocado plant regularly. The soil needs to remain moist at all times.

  6. Allow the tree to grow

    Allow the tree to grow. It can take between 10 and 15 years for an avocado tree to fruit.