How Do You Grow an Avocado Tree?

How Do You Grow an Avocado Tree?

How Do You Grow an Avocado Tree?

To grow an avocado tree, place the pit in a glass of water, transplant it into a pot, care for the plant and then bring it outside in early spring. It takes between five and 13 years for avocados to grow,

  1. Prepare the pit

    Remove the pit from an avocado. Wash it off, and let it dry. Press four toothpicks into the widest four corners of the pit.

  2. Place the pit in water

    Suspend the pit over a glass of water, with the toothpicks balancing it on the rim. The seed should be roughly 1 inch deep in the water. Put the glass and seed in a warm environment. Keep an eye on it, and add more water as needed to keep the level consistent.

  3. Give it to time to sprout

    Within two to six weeks, the pit should grow a stem and roots. Trim the stem in half when it reaches 6 inches.

  4. Transplant the pit

    When the trimmed stem leafs for a second time, transplant it into a pot. Use sandy, loose soil, and keep half of the pit above the soil level. The pit should be planted with the roots facing down. Place the pot in an area with plenty of sunlight.

  5. Maintain the plant

    Water the plant consistently, but lightly. Whenever the stem grows another 6 inches, remove new growth from the top.

  6. Transplant the plant outside

    For two weeks, bring the plant outside every day for an hour or so. In an area that receives a lot of indirect sunlight, dig a hole that is 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide. Place the plant in the hole at the beginning of spring, and fill the hole with well-drained soil. Keep it watered consistently.