How Do You Grow an Avocado Seed?

To grow an avocado seed, place toothpicks around the center of the seed, and use the toothpicks to hold the seed so that the bottom half is immersed in a cup of water. Place the seed in a warm place, and wait for it to sprout. Then, plant in dirt.

  1. Pierce the seed with three toothpicks

    Push three toothpicks into the seed evenly spaced around the center.

  2. Suspend the seed at the top of a cup

    Rest the toothpick supports on the rim of a cup or glass to hold the avocado seed in place. Choose a cup of a size that allows the toothpicks to hold the seed securely.

  3. Add water to the cup

    Fill the cup with water until about 1 inch of the avocado seed is immersed.

  4. Wait for the seed to sprout

    Place the cup in a warm place with indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight. Check on it periodically, and refill the water to the appropriate level as necessary. When the seed has a sprout at the top and roots pushing out of the bottom, it is ready to plant.

  5. Plant the seed

    Push the seed into a pot filled with potting soil. Make sure the green sprout is up and the white roots are down. Water well. Check on the growing plant regularly, and water enough to keep the soil damp but not wet.