How Do You Grow an Avocado Plant?

How Do You Grow an Avocado Plant?

Grow an avocado plant by saving a seed from an avocado, suspending the seed in water to sprout, trimming the plant and transferring it to a pot. Provide the plant frequent water and as much sun as possible.

  1. Save the seed

    Most seeds from avocados sold in the grocery stores sprout to produce a new plant. While these plants have the potential to produce more fruit in six to seven years, the characteristics are often very different from that of the original avocado. Wash the seed after removing it from the avocado.

  2. Sprout the avocado

    Insert three toothpicks into the avocado seed and suspend it over a jar. Add enough water to cover the lower half of the avocado seed. In about six weeks, you should see roots starting to form and a tree sprouting from the top.

  3. Trim the plant

    Once the main stem reaches about 6 inches in length, trim about half of it away. Leave the plant in water until the stem forms new leaves.

  4. Pot the plant

    Transfer the plant to a 10-inch pot with soil. Bury half the avocado under the soil. Move the pot to a sunny location and keep the soil moist but not damp. Once the new plant reaches a 12-inch height, cut it back by half again to encourage the growth of more branches.