How Do You Grow Artichokes?

How Do You Grow Artichokes?

To grow artichokes, cultivate a garden with rich, loamy soil and a generous amount of compost mixed in for drainage, plant the seeds at least 5 feet apart to give them room to mature, fertilize them once per month and maintain even moisture throughout the growing season. Artichokes are relatively easy to grow, especially in mild climates.

In cold areas with late frosts, consider starting artichoke seeds indoors, and then moving them outside after the last frost.

  1. Cultivate rich soil
  2. Mix loamy soil with compost so that the soil drains steadily during the winter, but retains sufficient moisture in the summer months. The compost should extend at least 8 inches into the soil.

  3. Plant the artichoke seeds
  4. Artichoke seeds should be placed on top of the soil with at least 4 feet between each seed. This gives them sufficient room to reach maturity, especially in areas where artichokes can be grown as perennials.

  5. Water and fertilize the plants
  6. Artichokes require consistent moisture to thrive. Keep the top of the soil moist, and then add liquid fertilizer every 7 days to promote growth. If an unexpected cold front arrives, cover the surface of the soil with a layer of mulch to insulate the artichokes against the cold.

    Artichokes can be harvested any time after the buds form. Their flavor is not dependent on maturity, and waiting until they begin to open is not dangerous to the plants' survival.