How Do You Grow Apple Trees?


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To plant an apple tree, choose a suitable location for it according to the tree type, remove the weeds around the area, dig a hole about twice as large as the diameter of the tree, and ensure that the soil on the sides and bottom of the hole is loose. Place the tree into the hole, spread out its roots, and cover the roots with soil, pressing it down firmly.

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Research the planting and growing information about the specific type of apple tree being planted, as different trees vary in soil and watering requirements, as well as optimal planting location and time. Collect a soil sample, have it tested, and determine what must be added to the soil to meet the requirements for the tree. When choosing a site, remember that most trees require a lot of sunlight.

Avoid pruning young trees, as this can slow down the growth of the tree and delay fruiting. However, remove misplaced, broken or dead branches to ensure the correct shape of the tree. Prune an adult tree regularly, removing the weak and overly vigorous branches. Once small apples set on a tree, remove fruits that are too small or damaged. Numerous pests may attempt to harm apple trees, so place wire-mesh cylinders on the tree to get deter rabbits, and use sprays for insects.

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