How Do You Grow Amaryllis Seeds?

How Do You Grow Amaryllis Seeds?

How Do You Grow Amaryllis Seeds?

To grow amaryllis from seed, use the pollen from the stamens of a flower to pollinate the pistol of the flower. Collect the seeds, and plant them in starting mix. You need a flowering amaryllis plant, a small paint brush, starting mix, potting mix or soil and flower pots.

  1. Collect pollen from the stamens

    The flower is ready to pollinate after it has been open for three days. Look for the curved stamens inside the flower. Collect some pollen from it by touching it with your paint brush.

  2. Pollinate the pistil of the flower

    The pistil is located below the stamens and is long and straight. Use your paint brush to coat it with pollen.

  3. Wait for the seed pod to split

    It takes about two weeks for the seed pod grow and turn green, then a few more days for it to split. Once the seed pod has cracked open, gather the seeds from it. The seeds are about the size and shape of a raisin.

  4. Plant the seeds in starting mix

    Plant the seeds in a small container using a seed starting mix. Keep the mix moist until the seeds sprout and form tiny bulbs. This takes a few weeks.

  5. Transplant the tiny bulbs

    Transplant the tiny bulbs into a larger flower pot in potting mix or soil. Grow in a sunny location. It takes four to five years for bulbs to grow large enough to flower.