How Do You Grow Alstroemeria?

How Do You Grow Alstroemeria?

Once exclusively a commercial flower, alstroemeria is now bred to thrive in home gardens. According to the National Gardening Association, it grows best if planted in well-drained soil with full sun and, in warmer climates, some afternoon shade. Plant your own alstroemeria garden in less than an hour with a spade and enough plants to fit your site, leaving 12 inches between each flower.

  1. Asses the drainage

    If puddles still exist 5 hours after a downpour, choose another site or amend the soil. To increase drainage, raise the bed 2 to 3 inches and add organic matter, such as peat moss or ground bark.

  2. Plant your alstroemerias the right way

    New alstroemeria plantings thrive in warm soil. Dig the hole, plant the root bulb and tamp the soil firmly to fix it. Provide the plants with ample water throughout the growing season. To encourage repeat blooming, gently pull alstroemeria plants out by the roots, instead of cutting the stems, when you want flowers for an arrangement.

  3. Maintain your alstromerias during dormancy

    Care depends on where you live. Cover the beds with 2 inches of mulch or pine needles in colder climates. Water the plants in more temperate zones where a dry climate prevails.