How Do You Grout Wall Tile?


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Once the tile is fully set, mix the grout according to the manufacturer's instructions, and apply it on the diagonal with a grout float. To remove excess grout, swipe the float down the joint, and wipe the tile surface with a damp sponge.

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  1. Mix the grout

    In a bucket, combine and stir the grout sand with three-quarters of the recommended amount of water. Add the remaining water to achieve the desired consistency, which is like a thick, heavy paste. If grouting a large area, work in sections, and mix the grout in smaller batches to prevent it from drying out.

  2. Apply the grout

    Scoop up some grout on the bottom of the grout float. To ensure the grout makes it into the joints, spread it diagonally on the float. Remove excess grout by dragging the top of the grout float down the joint.

  3. Clean the tiles

    Let the grout set for 15 to 30 minutes. Dip a sponge in warm water, and wipe away the mud on the surface of the tiles. Allow the grout to cure for another three hours, and clean the tiles again with a sponge and warm water. Refresh the water regularly, and keep wiping the tiles until they are clean. Once the grout is fully cured, use a dry towel or socks to buff the tiles and remove any remaining grout.

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