What Ground Cover Plants Grow Well in Full Sun?


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African daisy, bitter root, catmint and knotweed are all groundcover plants that do well in full sunlight. Other plants include blue carpet, coyote bush, ground ivy, pansy and soapwort. Groundcover plants are a popular option for creating an attractive and low-maintenance landscape. These plants can also reduce soil erosion that occurs on hillsides and areas of high foot traffic.

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Drought-tolerant ground cover plants include thyme, sedums and hens-and-chicks. Tyme is a hardy wood-stemmed plant widely used as a cooking and seasoning herb. Sedums are ideal for providing ground cover and typically grow into dense mats that are only about 3 inches in height. Hens-and-chicks are succulent rosettes that require little to no maintenance and grow very well in small areas, provided they have abundant sunlight.

Evergreen groundcover plants like mondo grass, brass buttons and lamb's ear can thrive in a wide range of seasonal temperatures and conditions. Mondo grass does well in bright sunlight and produces slender shoots that grow up to 2 feet in height. Brass buttons produce yellow-green blooms from late spring through mid summer and prefer growing conditions that offer either full or partial sunlight. Lamb's ear is a sun-loving perennial plant that may grow up to 3 feet tall.

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