How Do You Get Grease Stains Out of Washing Machines?

Getting grease stains out of a washing machine requires baking soda, a rough sponge, laundry detergent with bleach, distilled white vinegar, a bowl of hot water, a toothbrush and a cloth. This process takes under an hour.

  1. Use baking soda on the stain

    Apply baking soda to a rough, wet sponge. Scrub greasy areas with the sponge, leaving a coat of baking soda on heavily stained areas while you clean other parts.

  2. Clean the door and rubber seal

    Apply laundry detergent to a toothbrush. Use the toothbrush to scrub in the cracks and crevices of the rubber seal. Wash the door with a cloth dampened with laundry detergent and water.

  3. Run an empty cycle using detergent

    Fill the dispenser with a laundry detergent containing a bleaching agent. Turn the temperature setting to the hottest wash cycle possible. Run the machine through an empty cycle.

  4. Inspect the washing machine

    Inspect the interior of the washing machine for grease. Remove the agitator, and check underneath it.

  5. Run an empty cycle using vinegar

    If grease stains remain, fill the dispenser with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. Run the machine on its hottest setting one more time, with no clothes in the washer.