What Are Some Gravely Products?

Some Gravely products include stand-behind mowers, stand-on mowers and zero-turn mowers. Gravely also makes a line of chore products designed for miscellaneous tasks.

One line of Gravely zero-turn mowers is the Pro-Turn line, which features the Pro-Turn 400 XDZ, 200 XDZ, 100 XDZ and original Pro-Turn. These machines are designed to eliminate follow-up trimming, making lawn cutting faster and more efficient.

Gravely makes a single stand-on mower called the Pro-Stance that allows for quick maneuvering around lawn decorations and easy dismount. A line of walk-behind mowers from Gravely includes the Pro-Walk, which features the Hydro Drive and Gear Drive. These lawnmowers are built with ergonomics in mind to ensure comfort during long landscaping shifts.