What Is the Best Grass Seed?


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According to Southern States, many variables determine the best grass for a yard. Climate, plant durability needs and lawn maintenance requirements should all be considered when choosing a type of grass.

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What Is the Best Grass Seed?
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Southern States writes that buyers must assess their lawns before choosing the grass seed that is best for them. Climate plays a large factor because warm season grass is better suited to warmer states and cool season grass is better suited to cooler states. One helpful way to determine the best grass seed is to consult a lawn expert who factors in soil type, pH levels and sun exposure before making a recommendation.

For cool season grasses, Southern States recommends Kentucky Bluegrass for areas with full sun and Tall Fescue Grass Seed for areas that experience drought and abundant heat. Annual Rye Grass only lasts for one season, but it is durable and ideal for high traffic lawns. For warm season lawn grasses, Southern States recommends Bermuda Grass as a low-maintenance option for sunny areas and St. Augustine Grass for its heat resistance. Centipede Grass is an option for less fertile soils and can help crowd out weeds. Lawn owners must never buy grass seeds that are older than nine months.

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