Are Granite Countertop Covers Easy to Install and Remove?


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Granite countertops are extremely difficult to install and remove, and skilled workers should handle the job to ensure precision and avoid damaging the rest of the kitchen. The job involves measuring the countertop area, cutting the granite and placing and sealing the slabs together.

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Are Granite Countertop Covers Easy to Install and Remove?
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Templates allow precise measurements of the locations of cabinet tops, sinks, faucets and ranges. Saws with diamond cutting blades cut and shape the granite. Creating curves for sinks and rounded or beveled edges takes considerable time. Workers must design seams between slabs at well-supported spots on the cabinets and level out uneven slabs with shims underneath. Epoxy binds the slabs to the cabinets and to each other, and workers should color the epoxy between slabs to conform to the color of the granite.

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