What Are Some Granite Colors That Lowe's Carries?


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Lowe's carries granite in a range of colors including, black, white, brown and mixed colors like white with black striations and brown and white, notes the company website. The colors they carry may vary by store, but many locations can order a special color, if desired.

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Lowe's carries two brands of granite: allen + roth and SenSa. The former brand offers heat, scratch and stain resistant stone that does not need staining. SenSa offers sealed granite that is quarried by Cosentino.

The brand, allen + roth, offers granite slabs in a variety of light and dark colors with small texture patterns, large color patterns and striations. SenSa stone offers primarily light and neutral colors with some very dark and black options. Small texture patterns dominate, but customers can find SenSa stone slabs with striations and mixed colors. Most of the colors of granite that customers can order through Lowe's from each of these companies have fun names.

  • Blue Pearl: Intense blue granite with small texture patterns.
  • Galactic Storm: Black granite background with white veins swirling through it.
  • Tabernas Rock: Large splotches of tan surrounded by smaller grains of black, orange and gray.
  • Black Galaxy: Very small grain textured black granite with specks of white.
  • Delicatus Ice: White granite interspersed with short needle-like black veins.
  • Verde Aquarius: Swirling veins of gray in different shades from light to dark.
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