How Is Granite Cleaned?


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Before cleaning granite, the owner should determine whether the granite surface is synthetic or genuine. Some genuine granite countertops and tiles need to be sealed before use because granite is absorbent.

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Granite counters can be wiped with warm distilled water and a microfiber cloth. Scrubbers and sponges can leave permanent subtle scratches and should be avoided. Granite surfaces can dull over time if coffee, grease, and wine stains are not promptly cleaned off because the acidic liquids soak into the stone.

Soap and water can be used if the area cannot be cleaned with just water. Oil-based stains can be treated with water or rubbing alcohol. Water-based stains can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. Other light stains can be cleaned with a water and baking soda paste that is left overnight and cleaned off the next day.

Once the granite surface is thoroughly cleaned, it can be polished using a store-bought or homemade polisher. Due to the porous nature of granite, it should be cleaned daily with the appropriate cleaning supplies to avoid permanent damage. When using a new cleaner, testing a hidden area of the stone helps to make sure the cleaner does not negatively impact the integrity of the stone.

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