How Do You Graft a Rose Bush?


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Graft a rose plant by collecting a branch of a rose bush that you wish to graft, creating a sloping diagonal cut just above the ground on the rootstock, and binding the cut end of the branch onto the rootstock. Complete the process in late winter for best results.

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Collect a rose shoot 3 to 4 inches in length with several buds, and choose a strong rose bush with ample roots as the rootstock. Measuring 6 inches above the ground, use a razor blade to make a T-shaped cut with a 2-inch sloping, diagonal cut in the rootstock as well as a 1/2-inch cut straight down the stem. Make a sloping cut on the rose branch that matches the one on the rootstock, and make a matching 1/2-inch vertical cut.

Carefully pull up the corners of the cuts on the rootstock, and slide the branch into the main stem while matching up the vertical cuts. Bind the rose graft to the main plant with twine, and cover the cuts with grafting wax to prevent drying. If the graft is successful, the new branch should begin growing in the spring for winter grafting or seven to 10 days after binding for other times of year. The wounds should heal several days after growth begins.

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