How Do You Grade a Yard?


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Grade a lawn by leveling out the slope of the yard to match the height of existing fixtures, such as walkways or patios. To level the slope, scrape away the high areas, and then fill in dips in the yard.

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  1. Remove the topsoil

    Remove the topsoil from the yard using a shovel or other earthmoving tool. Dig down to the subsoil layer, and set the topsoil aside for reuse.

  2. Level the yard

    Scrape away high areas in the yard to create a gentle slope leading away from the house. Angle the slope 2 or 3 inches for every 10 feet of yard. Use the scrapings to fill in dips in the yard.

  3. Restore the topsoil

    Cover the subsoil with 2 inches of the topsoil you removed. To prevent drainage problems from having two layers of soil beneath the grass, use a tiller to till the topsoil in with the subsoil. Add the rest of the topsoil above the tilled soil, and level the yard using an earthmoving machine or leveling rake. Make sure the leveled soil matches the slope. Purchase a debris-less loam, and add the loam to the topsoil if you need more soil to level out the yard.

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