What Government Agencies Typically Set Building Codes for Sheds?


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Various state and local authorities set building codes, derived from what are known as "model codes" created by the International Code Council. As a result, the governing authority overseeing building codes differs between geographic regions. Counties and cities often set building codes concerning sheds.

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The City of San Diego sets and enforces building codes within its jurisdiction. One-story detached buildings with a roof area of 120 square feet or less are exempt from building codes, according to the city's code enforcement website. Building codes within Placer County, California, are set by the county government's Building Services Department. Detached buildings such as sheds with a floor area of 120 square feet or less do not require building codes, according to the department website. However, any plumbing or electrical work installed in a shed does require a permit. Furthermore, the county planning commission dictates the minimum distance of sheds from property lines.

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