What Is a Gota Dishwasher?


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The Gota dishwasher is a countertop concept dishwasher that is ideal for washing the daily dishes, utensils and glassware produced by singles or couples. It has a small footprint, which allows it to use less water and electricity than a standard dishwasher.

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The Gota dishwasher utilizes different stages to wash the dishes, with the first stage involving steaming the dishes. The Gota dishwasher takes the water used to steam the dishes, cools it, and pumps it into an internal storage tank to be used during the next stage of cleaning. Some individuals have raised health concerns about this method of reusing water. Another potential downfall of the Gota concept dishwasher is that it appears too small to accommodate pots or pans used during cooking. The dishwasher's stated capacity is six plates, six cups and common utensils.

The Gota concept dishwasher is designed to look like an upscale kitchen appliance. The exterior of the Gota dishwasher is made of ABS polycarbonate. The user interface features several cleaning choices, including super-eco, eco and normal modes. If the Gota dishwasher is in use, the screen tells users how much time is left in the cycle. A safety lock is also engaged while the unit is working.

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