How Do Gorilla Glass Screen Protectors Work?


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Screen protectors that use the proprietary tempered glass formula of Corning Gorilla Glass are far sturdier than those of nonhardened glass, and this allows them to protect screens against scratches and accidental drops. Many different companies make protectors with this technology.

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Screen protectors with Corning Gorilla Glass still wrap around a phone or slide into slots on the cases of some major smartphones. The accessories put an additional layer of protection between the screen and the elements, keeping dirt and dust away. The tempered glass formula of Corning Gorilla Glass also allows it to stand up to harsh abrasion and accidental drops that could otherwise shatter glass screen protectors and harm underlying screens. Some companies take this one step further and ensure that the glass falls away harmlessly without leaving sharp edges in the event of actual breakage.

Screen protectors that use Corning Gorilla Glass do not compromise users' ability to see and touch their screens, and the ability to provide excellent protection while still keeping the touchscreen aspects of modern smartphones is one of the top features of the proprietary formula. Accessories manufacturers typically make screen protectors that use Gorilla Glass to fit specific devices, and they typically do not fit on different models, even those from the same smartphone manufacturer.

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