What Are Some Gopher-Resistant Plants?


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According to the National Gardening Association, no plants are truly gopher resistant. However, techniques are available to help gopher-proof a garden, allowing the gardener to minimize these pests' effects on his favorite plants.

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Wire planting baskets set around the root system of a plant limit the interaction between the gopher and the roots. These baskets are easily assembled using hardware cloth or small-gauge chicken wire. As the gopher digs its run and encounters the hard object, it reroutes to avoid the obstacle. The wire allows the plant to receive moisture and nutrients from the soil as normal.

Raised beds offer another solution to a gopher problem. These beds use pressure-treated lumber to prevent rot. Attaching the same type of hardware cloth to the bottom of the frame of the raised bed prevents gophers from digging up to the area where the roots are growing. Filling the bed with sterilized soil provides the growing medium for the garden. In addition to solving the gopher problem, raised beds eliminate weeds.

If gophers continue to cause problems in the lawn, trapping is often the best option. Traps are set in the gopher run and require no baiting. They attract the gopher back to the opening by blocking light to the run.

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