What Is a Goose Neck Roof Vent?


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A goose neck flat roof vent is used for attic ventilation or to cover an exhaust pipe that extends through a roof. Goose neck vents have an inverted U-shape, with a screen that prevents unwanted debris, insects or animals from getting into the vent.

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Most goose neck vents are made from galvanized steel that prevents against leakage, and are an extremely effective way to ventilate exhaust pipes in homes or other buildings that may experience significant heat buildup. Most models weigh just a couple of pounds and extend about six inches to one foot from the top of the roof.

In addition to ventilating attics and exhaust pipes, goose neck vents are also often used for bathrooms, kitchen stove vents and intake for furnaces. Goose neck vents are designed to work well on pitched roofs as long as they are installed with proper roofing nails (usually sold separately) and properly sealed with mastic, sealant or duct tape.

Many modern models are designed with UV protection from the sun and extra height for snow clearance, and come in a variety of colors, such as black, white or grey. They are available for sale from many online retailers as well as most hardware and home improvement stores.

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