What Are Some Goodman Gas Furnace Parts?


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Goodman gas furnace parts include burner tubes, gas tubes, gas valve assemblies, pilots and heat exchangers. These parts may be available as aftermarket parts or included in the product delivered to the customer.

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All Goodman gas furnaces contain a unique heat exchanger design that delivers high furnace performance, according to Goodman. This heat exchanger is designed to maximize strength and durability, and it consists of tubes of aluminized steel. Wrinkle-bend technology and a muffler joint strengthened against increases in temperature are primarily responsible for its characteristics.

Goodman’s catalogue includes single-speed, variable-speed and modulating furnaces. Models not restricted to one speed can offer a more comfortable heating experience, as they can raise the temperature in a house gradually. Variable-speed furnaces include a two-stage gas valve, whereas modulating furnaces are equipped with a self-calibrating gas valve that can set the unit’s performance at any point between 35 and 100 percent.

Furnaces with a range of annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings are available within each category. AFUE rating is an indication of the proportion of furnace fuel that goes into heating the house on an annual basis. The more cost-effective the furnace is, the higher its AFUE rating. As it is physically impossible for a furnace to attain 100 percent efficiency, some of the fuel is always wasted.

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