What Is a Good Woodpecker Deterrent?


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Preventive measures to deter woodpeckers include removing any large trees around the home, feeding the woodpeckers, leaving drumming spots for the woodpeckers in more convenient locations or removing the insects that the woodpeckers dine on from around the home. Scare techniques, including reflections or moving objects around the home, are other reactionary steps sometimes taken to deter woodpeckers.

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The removal of large trees from around the home makes woodpeckers feel exposed, causing them to shy away from the area. Feeding the woodpeckers reduces the need for woodpeckers to drum into houses or nearby trees in their search for insects. Placing meal worms, jelly and suet in a stationary place attracts woodpeckers, thereby reducing damage to the home.

If a woodpecker drums on a house, it is because it has found insects to dine on. Contacting a pest control establishment for an assessment and removal of insects from the home should result in a diminished woodpecker presence.

Mirrors, metal pie plates or Mylar strips hung over the usual pecking area scares woodpeckers away. The reflective items must swing randomly in the breeze for the most effective scare. Colorful windsocks or items that flutter in the breeze placed near pecking areas also deter woodpeckers.

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