What Are Some Good Woodchuck Control Methods?


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To control woodchucks, use fencing to enclose gardens and other affected areas, and use fumigants or traps to kill pests causing damage to the property. Close inactive burrows with mesh wire in mid- to late summer after removing the woodchucks, and keep vegetation short to prevent additional infestations. Harassing woodchucks is a nonlethal option that encourages the animals to abandon the property.

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After locating the burrows, cover them loosely to determine whether the burrow is active. Fumigate burrows in early spring, and follow the directions on the product packaging to ensure the product is effective. Close the burrows after fumigating them.

When using traps to control woodchucks, obtain a permit to use the traps if it is required by the state of residence. To increase the effectiveness of traps, bait them with apple slices, and place the trap in an area with the significant woodchuck activity. Check the traps frequently, and relocate or humanely euthanize the animal after it is captured.

To harass woodchucks, place helium-filled balloons near the burrows so that the balloons hit the ground when the wind blows, or place scarecrows in the affected area. Further harass the woodchucks by visiting the area frequently and moving the balloons, or other harassing devices, on a regular basis.

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