What Are Good Wood Fence Paint Colors?


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Good wood fence paint colors include dark blue and purple. These bold colors make green foliage in front of the fence stand out, according to WoodFinishesDirect.com.

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Raspberry red and magenta pink are other good colors to paint a fence to highlight green foliage, as they are contrasting colors. To create a contrasting effect without using overly bright pinks or reds, try dark brown or black. Darker paint colors are also useful to make a garden seem larger, and they are less susceptible to showing up grime and dirt than pale colors. Using two contrasting paint colors can help create a shabby chic look.

Another idea is to paint a fence in a color that matches the exterior of the house or the patio furniture, says Houzz.com. White is a classic fence color, which creates a crisp look and an inviting feel. A bold color such as blue helps add to a featureless backyard. A blue-green fence works well with a house with neutral colors as it acts as an unexpected accent. Alternatively, use a neutral color such as deep gray to make the plants the central feature of the yard and help blur the boundary between the garden and the horizon.

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